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Spring has Sprung at the Garden Centers

19 Apr

The last two weekends has ensured us that spring really has arrived. Although it may be a bit rainy this week, it’s going to be a beautiful weekend and it’s time to get your gardens going.

If you are looking for inspiration make sure to visit our garden centers. Here are a few recent photos from Dennis’ 7 Dees garden centers that are sure to inspire you to get your hands a little dirty and dive into your spring gardening projects even if they are as simple as changing out the color spots.




Add a Ray of Sunshine to your Early Spring Garden

5 Mar

By Linda Kay Harrison

credit: MonroviaAhhh, Spring!  Is there anyone that doesn’t just love it? 

I know that after a long Pacific Northwest winter, nothing warms my heart like the sunny yellow display of the Forsythia.  One of the earliest spring bloomers, few plants in the garden can hold a candle to the forsythia.  With showy blooms that cover the full length of the branches before any leaves bud out, it creates that much needed bright spot in the early spring landscape.

The forsythia’s eye popping burst of color is also a wonderful reminder to do other chores around the yard. “When the forsythia blooms,” has long been the gardener’s reminder to put pre-emergent on lawns and flower beds, sew cool-weather seeds, and prune roses. 

credit: Proven Winners

Forsythia is also a very flexible plant.  You can find forsythia in a wide range of sizes, from the majestic seven-foot tall ‘Lynwood’, to the cute little ‘Gold Tide’ which stays under two feet tall.  Forsythias are not really picky about their soil, but you’ll want to add some compost to assist with good drainage.  They also benefit from a good pruning every couple of years to keep them full and tidy.

Check your local Dennis 7 Dees for this happy little ray of sunshine for your spring garden.

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